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Welcome to My Space

You ever just be minding your business and randomly think of Tom from Myspace? I wonder what he's up to now. I wonder what he was thinking when he created Myspace.com? Did he know the impact he would have? How deep did he dig into the significance of creating a platform that allows user's to create a space unique to their own liking? Yes for him encouraging autonomy and self-expression. This is how I feel about Nayecole.com, welcome to My Space.

When I first created my little corner of the internet, it was mainly due to pressure from the entertainment culture. "You need a website, a portfolio, to get yourself out there" 'they said. (side-note, 'they' is referred to as the voices of anxiety in my head, because real pressure is self-inflicted; but that's for another blog). I created this space 2 years ago, in effort to do what I am actively doing now; putting myself out there. Afraid that it wasn't "perfect" or "of quality", I sat on it. I let it collect dust. I wasn't ready for all the eyes or the critics that may come, so I just left it alone. It wasn't until recently, I realized I was SLEEP. Yes, sleep on myself and the space I created to BE myself. Typos and grammatically challenged and all. lol.

Today, on my Gratitude Stroll, featuring Beyonce's Homecoming Album, I had a moment of, "girl you better STEP!" My only responsibility is to be who God and the universe intended me to be. That's it, that is the tweet. That's why this space, MY space is so significant to me now. Just like a journal or a diary but on the web lol. I welcome all to this space for whatever reason it may suite them. Ultimately, this is just me being me while simultaneously discovering who I am. I know my "about Me" page says I know who I am, and to an extent, I do. I also know that I am forever evolving and that is pretty cool. I am growing into my sass, my individuality, my emotions, my love, my life, My space. B.Lyte -J