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Up Late...again

Well its only 12:13am but still. I am up thinking about my life, today, tomorrow this year. I just finished Ozark season 3. Can you say quality? Excellence? from the writing, to the lighting but most importantly, the acting?! What. I saw me on the screen. I saw me. Channeling emotion, becoming one with the character and being that boss. The passion, the commitment— I was captivated. An entertainer. An actress. A host. I am an entertainer, I am an entertainer, I am an actress and I am a host. I just have to perfect my crafts. The only thing that "separates" me from those things is lack of faith. I trust me don't I? Today I invested in myself again. I am a member of actors access. I own Nayecole.com I will continue to feed the things that matter most to me. It is important for me to strive to be my best self, which

includes my well-being, my legacy but overall, my desire to aspire by being. B.Lyte- J