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I would like to make a toast

It's been a long time coming.. I've talked about this moment for awhile now—2 years ago to be exact. I always knew I'd get here. That I would own "nayecole.com" but what does this mean for me if I do not apply myself? absolutely nothing. Now more than ever is the time that I go hard, FOR MYSELF. That I am shameless in promoting myself. That I stop letting fear guide/hinder me.

Last night I had a dream that I was standing in the middle of a huge flower bed in the shape of a flower made of people with flowers/petals blooming from their heads. It sounds weird, but it was beautiful. It was an assortment of bright pastel colors. I remember being able to see from a birds eye view. I remember making eye contact with one of the purple flowers/people. Like looking dead in her face, locking eyes. I had on a white dress and so did a few other women that I recognized standing with me in the center of the flower bed. Im not sure what exactly happened, but the few women and myself left the center of the circle and intermingled with the flowers/petals. Then something got our attention to get back to the middle. As we were making our way, security (yes, like club security) was not letting a lot of the women back in, and their once white dresses were now black. I saw a familiar security guard (one that actually worked with me at GS, named Kenny) and he let me back in the middle but none of the other women were allowed. I was a little confused and I kept asking why me? As I saw the other girls struggle to get back to where we all once stood. Suddenly, somebody reached out and passed me an invisible mic. I hesitantly took it and introduced myself but with a nervous demeanor. I woke up at that moment. Y'all it was thousands maybe more of people there. A sea of flowers, grouped together by color—standing in full bloom—it was beautiful. Some how I could see over everyone like I was 10 feet tall and at the same time see right next to me. When I made eye contact with the purple flower girl, she had a look in her eyes like she knew me or as if she was waiting on me. When they passed me the mic, I wasn't sure what I was suppose to say nor why I was the only one in the middle. When I woke up, I drew (as best as I could lol) what I saw in my dream and wrote it down.