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Adult Friendships Are Weird Bro

One day, we're all sitting in the same room, doing nothing but laughing and enjoying each others company and then the next day you look up, everyone is doing their own thing, in different states, figuring out their lives. I miss the times when we would figure it out together. But life doesn't work that way. As we get older, we gain more responsibility, we have to do what's best for ourselves. We have to make better decisions that some time, may seem selfish, even if its for our well-being. Real friends will understand— is what we tell ourselves to justify our absence. Although to an extent, that is true, to what measure is too long of an absence in a friendship?

While we are trying to figure out our lives and just be better people all around, sometimes time passes and the next thing you know, it has been a month or a year (or several) since you've seen or even talked to a friend you care about. This is the weird part. Time flies! Literally, has wings. Significant things happen in their lives that you miss and it sucks. It makes you question the friendship— are you really a good friend if you weren't there? If you didn't know?

I feel like life is constantly reminding me to reevaluate what's really important. What really matters. Death happens every day but when it's to someone you know and care for, it hits like 1000 bricks +some. You start to replay last moments, conversations you had with them in your head. Things you wish you could've said or done while they were still here. But why does it take something as drastic as death to make us realize that the relationships we have with people and how we preserve them are the most important things about living life?

Im taking a vow to do better. To reach out more. To tell people I love them and they matter to me. To show them by being present and when I can't, to be honest with myself and them on what I need and how I am feeling.