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2020 Vision NAYECOLE

Let me first say, I made it through January with peace of mind! woo-hoo! It started out as an emotional rollercoaster for me. *whew. But I made it. I just like to thank God, my amazing parents, my Gma and my friends for really holding me down! It is now Feb 1st and even though there's things still up in the air, one thing is for sure, GOD GOT ME!

Today I decided to make my 2020 Vision board and I am pleased! Im in love with it to be honest. It is me to the T. This year, I used Google Drawings, images from google and event flyers I made on Canva to create my masterpiece. The background is my favorite element, it pulls it all together. It is my favorite poem by Marianne Williamson "Our Deepest Fear". Y'all know that's my sheet! I used it as the background because it is my reminder to always let my light shine in everything that I do.

This year Im pushing NAYECOLE to the max. I am that host. THAT GIRL! I will be booked & busy, not only with events that are nationally known but with my very own! Everything Social. I am hosting events for the culture. That are fun, innovative, inspiring and LIT! We getting active honey. My first event is MatchMade LA and it is in 20 days. Im collaborating with In The Middle Ent. I am so excited! For the year and everything to come to fruition. The fire is Lit honey & we are only getting started.

B.Lyte - J