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I've Got To Hold On

As Beyonce's exclaims in the background "You've Got to Hold On!" This song is about her relationship with Blue, her daughter. But all I hear is "I've got to hold on!" to this thing called life.My peace. My dreams. Everything. I can't help but to feel like the ground is slipping underneath me but its all material things. A Car. A Job. A home. Money. All of this will come back to me, ten-fold. It always does. Literally always.

Im currently sitting in Sip & Sonder, scouting jobs on LinkedIn and Im just like 'LORD TAKE THE WHEEL' What do I need to do?? Just Stand & Have faith. Meet em half way & most importantly, be patient. The problem / anxiousness comes from me wanting to have the solution right now. Like right now but it don't work like that. I just put in the application, Janaye dang. lol I am so proud of you for creating content. For establishing a date for your event. For getting shit rolling. You've got to hold on. Greater is coming, sis. Even if we have to create it for ourself, which we are doing btw, Greater is coming.