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Living In Opulence 2020 & Beyond

So I was on youtube in the midst of my loathing from today's events & I came across this "Side Hustles for 2020" video. Yea, Im already on that lmao. In the video she said " I want to live in opulence" and immediately, I was attracted to the word. Opulence means great wealth or luxuriousness. That's what I want & that is what I shall get. This year I did not make a vision board and I can honestly say it played a lot into why this year went the way it did. Not saying, me not taking the time out to cut out inspirational quotes and goal pictures from magazines and pasting them in a cute collage was my downfall. Rather, failing to ask myself what I want for myself, where I see myself and setting goals for myself, was the reason this year just wasn't so hot. I definitely learned a great deal and experienced a lot but it was all random—not a bad thing—nothing was intentional, everything was 'go with the flow". That is not a bad thing either but when you're me, & you're living in LA and you have dreams and aspirations oh and bills, you need some sort of game plan as far as goals and how you're going to obtain them. For instances, I've been on youtube since 2011? Although inconsistent in the beginning, there is no reason (other than procrastination and self-doubt) as to why I am not a youtube partner yet. None. We are about to turn up the heat. Its literally DO or DO right now. less than 48 hours from the new year and shit just got real lol. But Im ok. It will be ok. All is well in the Universe. & This Is all apart of the plan—God's Plan, that is lol. They say write you're spells and watch them come to fruition so here we go:

In 2020, I Janaye Coleman will be a Youtube Partner. My content will be fresh. It will be reflective of who I AM and not who I think what people want me to be.

I will have a new apartment—where can't nobody tell me shit

I am a host dammit. Always have been always will be & more. I will host events next year. Quality over Quantity.

I will have a speed dating event. I will have several game nights. I will host a showcase. I will host an award show. People will know and recognize NAYECOLE

speaking of NAYECOLE, I will own it. and that's on Janaye Coleman

I will have Everything Social LLC.

I will own my domain name: www.nayecole.com

I will be in the best shape of my life honey. Im talking, fine FINE.

I will live a better and healthier lifestyle holistically.

I will grow from this, so strong and just incredible. This is my vision board. * inserts a picture of Oprah & "Living My Best Life" quote. lol

Now all I have to do is commit. To myself & the universe will conspire to make all of this happen. In due time friend, in due time. I love the shit out of you girl. You're a boss. B.lyte - J