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How to Make A Dollar Out Of Fifteen Cents

It is 6:30AM. Today is day 3 of my new job and so far it’s cool. We will see how this flys. 

Day 4 of my workout has yet to presume. I work tonight at my other job so we will see how that goes as well. This is my first blog off of my iPhone. How is it going? lol. I like typing on the computer more. I’ve been eating really well. In all figures of speech. The money on its way. My rent is still short for this month. We’re going on the 17th? Yikes. But I’ve been eating well? As in healthily / intentional decision. We are canning mindless eating. I just had the idea to cut up some limes for water. But yall. Im down to my coins. Like a couple pennies. Maybe a quarter or dime hiding inbetween the car seats. It’s at that point where I’m looking for them lol. I’ve been here before. It’s scary how used to it I am and yet it teaches me how to depend on nothing but myself and make shit shake with what you got. So hey, here I am. Making shit shake for the umpteenth time. Knowing that what is to come will be great and worth the wait. ima hold it down until I come up. Love. B. Lyte - J