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Day 4! Leg Over Leg Ova! Lets go!

8:47 AM we up tho. I went to sleep at 8 last night. I was exhausted. My flow day at the park was exactly what I needed. I was there for 2-3 hours—flowing. I danced. I completed my HIT workout. I danced some more. Imagine if other people watching think I may be a bit crackhead-ish because I really be doing whatever lmao. I had an apple and half of a grapefruit for brunch & I made a salad for dinner. bruh. The salad was bussing. It had apples & cranberries, and this dressing from Panera bread. OMG. Im having it for lunch and that's final lol. Today is day 4 & I am so proud of you. Commitiment to myself is going so far so good. Today is also leg day. To start off, I will do 15mins on the stair master. Then a 4x25x4 leg circuit. Im thinking walking lunges, jump squats, step ups and weighted squats. 100 abs and 10 burbees. This will be good. yes. I am ready. Love. B.Lyte- J