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Day 3 I wanna Dance With Somebody!

Ok but back to the scheduled program. Day 3. Today I am going to a park. I want to dance. I feel like dancing, with the wind, sun and sky as my audience. It's a flow day for me. Meaning Im not going to the gym but I will

& sweat. I just want to be outside today. For My workout I will do 30mins (or more) Dance Cardio. and I will do a 3x15x3 HIT circuit. I will end with 10 burbees and 100 abs.

About Day 2… Day 2 was good! My workout was successful. I had a Market Salad from Chik-Fil-a — which was delicious. I also had an Arnold Palmer, a refill and a cookie. AND this Reese's cluster chocolate bar. Delicious but detrimental to the process. I told myself Im not going "cold turkey" but I am coming in Luke-warm ( ba-dum-tisss) get it? No? ok maybe not. Love. B.Lyte -J