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Day 2. Check In. lets get it!

Ok so boom, Good Morning. It is currently 6:52am. Day 2. I am excited for day 2. It is a different type of excited compared to Day 1. Yesterday, I was excited to get started, today I am excited to keep going. Today, I will run a mile and do back exercises (4x25 x4 circuit meaning 4 different exercises, 25 reps each, 4 times). Every workout I am ending with 10 burbees and 100 abs. Yea that sounds good. I juiced yesterday so I will have two juices today. One of them is my Green-Aid ( celery, lime, green apple, ginger and cucumber). I will have that one after my workout with a slice of grapefruit. The second juice, I call her,Tang ( carrot, orange, red apple, ginger, and lemon) I will have her around lunch time. I work tonight at 7pm so in the mean time between time, the word of the day is CREATE. I’ll check in later to let y’all (myself Im really the only one reading this lol) know what I did. Love. B.Lyte - J