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hi there

Written April 23, 2018:

I originally made this website with one thought In mind: how can I market myself? After toying with it for a few hours, I left it to collect dust for months. I felt pressured to make one, because living in LA, you need something to show. right? eh. the pressure resulted in me becoming overwhelmed and overanalytical. when I first got here, I was just doing it for fun, now it feels like I need to calculate everything. don't overshare but share. be honest but not too honest. post but post a lot but not too much. ahh. my brain is farting all over the place with all of these socially constructed rules for social media- which by the way is here & has taken over. But where was I? oh yes, so this started out as my website to highlight how "cool & worthy" I am to work with but after careful consideration, I've decided that I will use this space to be me. Janaye the 24-will-be-25-in-2 months- year old that is still figuring it out & not ashamed or embarrassed to admit it

UPDATE March 23, 2019